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Founded in 1867, "A la Pipe du Nord" is the story of a family of passionate pipe artisans. The store and workshop, first located higher on the boulevard Magenta, moved in 1936 to the number 21 of the Parisian boulevard, the current address. Pierre Voisin, the present manager, is the representative of the fifth generation.

Pipe du Nord

Ticket repair of the late 19th century
(Emile Ziegler, rear-grandfather of Pierre Voisin)

The store in the 1920s
(the oldest photographic souvenir of the store)

Simone Voisin and her parents in 1936
The store was held by the owner's grandparents,
posing here at the present address with their daughter, then 13 years-old...

Robert Voisin in his workshop in the 1950s
At this time, the workshop was located in front of the store. On this picture, we see Pierre Voisin's father at work.

Interview with Mrs. Voisin, by Pipegazette (September, 2008)